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CBA Frustrations [Dec. 7th, 2012|06:45 am]

So getting the owners and players together directly didn't do any good.  It looks like both sides are farther apart than ever now.  It looks like we're about to lose yet another entire NHL season.

Or will we?

I've noticed in past labor negotiations that both sides seem to play close to the vest about what progress is truely made.  In other words, while both sides are spouting off rhetoric about how far apart they remain, there's ususally someone involved in the negotiations that contiues to work to a solution that goes unheard.  I'm sort of hoping that's the case here and time will tell.

What if this is the end though?  I would actually be ok with the league dissolving completely, as long as a competitive North American alternative league was created AND I have the option of seeing not beer league quality hockey (Hello San Francisco Bulls / Stockton Thunder!) locally.  Maybe this could be an emancipated AHL or ECHL, a return of the WHL, or a completely new league?  Any would work as long as it would bring in the top talent or at least close to top talent.

It's an interesting idea for sure, but I'm pretty sure we'll be stuck with the package we have in the end.
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MFF hockey! [Sep. 25th, 2012|08:19 am]

Anyone know what is going on this year? As always I am in for playing some pick up this year!

I have myself plus 2, if needed both can play goalie but they would rather skate out.
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Hockey at MFF 2012? [May. 22nd, 2012|12:11 pm]

Hey guys! I was wondering if there were any plans for a pick-up game this year at MFF? More importantly I was wondering what the equipment rules are? I'll be dragging a big fursuit to the con and the most I could probably bring are skates/gloves/helmet/stick.

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Furries + Hockey always good. [Apr. 12th, 2012|11:58 am]


Bear in the woods.
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*happy snoopy Dancing* [Mar. 19th, 2012|10:18 am]

yeah, obligatory post where celebrating Radulov's return to Nashville.
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Only the Lord saves more than Bernie [Dec. 31st, 2011|09:34 am]

[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

I'm so psyched for the Winter Classic Legends game.
It'll be the first time in 30 years that Bernie Parent has stood between the posts.
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Cam Ward -- 1st Hurricane/Whaler goalie to score a goal! [Dec. 27th, 2011|09:14 am]

[Current Mood |impressedimpressed]

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Finally! [Nov. 28th, 2011|05:51 pm]

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

Mo is gone and hopefully for good this time! We never should have rehired him in the first place...

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Does anyone going to play hockey this weekend? [Nov. 25th, 2011|09:47 pm]

Hello everyone!
I was trying to find people who play hockey and was given a link to your LJ community. I actually have a question: does anyone here going to play hockey this weekend? or at least going to do some ice skating this weekend and have a chance to take a hockey-stick. I'm asking it because I really need a picture of someone playing hockey using a loaf of black bread (like this: http://www.dbdaba.lv/uploads/474/maize.jpg) as a puck. If for someone it won't be difficult, can you make the said picture in exchange on a full colored commission of two characters (I draw anything, here the link on my FA page if you want to take a look on the quality of my art http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rinienne/) or a money equivalent of this commission (which is 60 USD)? Please?
I hope this post isn't much off-topic. Thank you for your attention.
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Sixth Annual Furry Ice Skating Meet [Nov. 14th, 2011|10:41 pm]

Sixth Annual Furry Ice Skating Meet

Where: Glenview Ice Center
185 Landwehr Road
Glenview, IL

When: Friday, November 18th
(Meet in Hyatt lobby, downstairs by the escalators at 11:15am)

Cost: $10.00 with skate rental included, $5.00 if you bring your own skates. (These costs include a $1-2 donation to charity. See below.)

This was such a big hit last year, we decided to do it again! We will be in the same location as last year, a straight shot of about 10 miles north of the MFF hotel, up I-294.

This year, in conjunction with MFF's Route 66 theme, and the tornado that occurred in Joplin, Missouri (along Route 66), I will be collecting donations for the Joplin Humane Society to help care for displaced pets. The donation is voluntary of course, but highly encouraged.


Please note that this event IS SEPARATE from the hockey meet that will be hosted by Poomie.

If you'd like to go, or have any questions, RSVP here or comment here and I'll do my best to help ^^

See you on the 18th!!
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